You are the Investment

We believe financial advice is about having a plan that is customized to reflect your life’s goals beyond just your finances.

You can’t Control the wind

You can adjust your sails

Sailboats, like portfolios, require constant monitoring of past, present, and future conditions to plot a course towards your destination.  Spend time on the process.  Build positive habits.

Our team of experienced professionals, is passionate about developing and implementing financial planning strategies designed for executives and business owners.

There is a better way

This is who we are Invest with a Purpose

How do we plot a course to the next destination?  There can be an overwhelming amount of information and continuously shifting trends to monitor.  Often times, people try to complicate the decision making process. Too much jargon and confusion.  Complex solutions to simple problems.  Lets avoid this.

Learn how we do our best to keep things as simple as your situation allows with full transparency. We focus on cost, time and risk appetite as we chart your long term goals.

Responsible Strategies

Social change should be tactical

Our process includes understanding the power our investment capital can project in the world. Empower your personal beliefs. If a society effects socially responsible changes in all facets of life, everyone can benefit. We offer Social, Environmental and Catholic strategies in addition to other personalized strategies.

The 401k

Employees love us.  Find out why.

Have a small business with 500 employees or less?  Krause Investment Group can help.  We deliver highly personalized on site services for most plans at a transparent and reasonable cost. Let us know what you like about your current situation and what you wish were different.  As an independent advisor we have access to multiple strategies to custom fit your vision.

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