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There are various objectives that investors aim to achieve through sustainable investing. Some sustainable investors want to take into consideration all ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) criteria for a fully comprehensive approach, while others have certain issues that interest them and prefer a more specific approach.

Green investing, social investing and community investing highlight some core issues that an investor may try to tackle in a more issue-specific, targeted strategy. Some religions place restrictions on how followers should invest, leading these investors to seek to avoid investing in industries that are perceived as contributing negatively to society or that do not fit within their spiritual guidelines.

Others may invest responsibly because it allows them to use their money to guide businesses to benefit society.

No matter what the end goal is, the purpose remains the same.  Leave a better world to the next generation.


Socially Responsible Investment strategies typically run an exclusionary or negative screen on the investable universe, allowing them to avoid investing or participating in any profits from an industry or company viewed unfavorably by some investors.


Inclusionary or positive screens can be used to identify responsible companies, based on ESG criteria relative to a norm set by peer companies or industry standards. Alternatively, ESG factors may be considered as a part of fundamental analysis for a fully integrative approach.


Impact investing goes a step further and aims to make a measurable impact on solving social or environmental issues. Impact investments have typically been private rather than public, project specific, and less liquid investments, more suitable to the accredited investor.

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